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All Parcours wheels have been tested at the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Drag chart

Learn more about how to interpret a drag chart here

Time savings

Learn more about how time savings are calculated here

Note: all time savings are taken versus the baseline Shimano RS11 wheel.  Zipp 404 Firecrest savings are 1min 2s (40km) / 4min 38s (180km)
* Parcours Disc time savings shown are for a setup of Chrono front wheel and Disc rear wheel

Test protocol

  • Front wheels only were tested (except Parcours Disc)
  • Each wheel was tested from 0-20 degrees of yaw, at 2.5 degree increments
  • Each test sweep was conducted twice, with results averaged
  • Test wind velocity at 30mph
  • The same Schwalbe One 23mm tyre was used throughout, inflated to 100psi

Note: we did not remove tare (i.e. subtract the drag from the wheel clamp) for two reasons:

  1. In real-world riding, the wheel will have the fork supporting it
  2. As the wheel is rotated into the wind at higher yaw angles, one of the clamp posts will become increasingly “hidden” from the wind. Subtracting a simple tare value could therefore be misleading at higher yaw angles

The wheels we tested were:

  • Parcours Grimpeur 38mm clincher
  • Parcours Passista 56mm clincher
  • Parcours Chrono 86mm clincher
  • Parcours Disc solid clincher
  • Zipp 404 Firecrest 58mm clincher (chosen as the accepted “market leading” mid-depth aero wheel)
  • Shimano RS11 24mm clincher (chosen as the “standard” baseline wheel that your bike will ship with)

Note: we measured against the Shimano wheel design which has the same spoke count as the two aero wheels, rather than the commonly-used Mavic Open Pro box rim with a 32 spoke count. We believe this is more representative of the real-world benefits you will see from an upgrade.