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Sid's Squad 2021

What is it?

In partnership with professional triathlete Laura Siddall, the aim is to support the next generation of female triathletes. Open to female triathletes between 14 and 25 years old, Sid's Squad will provide the successful applicant with some equipment and guidance to help them grow and develop in the sport.

The successful applicant will receive:

  • Mentoring and support/guidance from Laura Siddall (coaching can be discussed)
  • Set of Parcours wheels
  • Deboer wetsuit
  • Hoka trainers and apparel
  • Kask helmet
  • Oakley sunglasses
  • Witsup apparel
  • Funkita swimsuit and gear
  • CREDO annual subscription
  • The Magic5 goggles
  • Neuff-Red discount code and educational seminar access

It is also the hope that the applicant will be able to receive nutritional, and sports psychology advice (TBC).

We are also working to gain one race entry with expenses covered (TBC depending on future coronavirus restrictions, race schedules distance and availability).

In return the successful applicant will allow Parcours and other partner brands:

  • To follow their training and then the race over the year, and write a couple of articles on the athlete
  • The athlete will also be required to write a couple of blogs on the experience (they will be supported through this process and guided)
  • The athlete may not sell the wheels or any of the kit/products that make up the prize
  • The athlete promises to commit to the program and fully embrace the opportunity
  • All terms and conditions for entry are available here:

How to enter:

Applicants must submit an application form and short video with

  • A little bit about themselves
  • What they love about triathlon
  • Why they want to be in Sid’s Squad

To enter, go to:

and make sure to follow @lmsid and @rideparcours on Instagram!

From Laura:

I’m incredibly excited to be able to announce, that thanks to Parcours, we have what I hope and think is a great opportunity.

I’m giving away a set of Parcours wheels, but not only that some of my awesome partners have also come on board and are joining, including Deboer, Hoka, Oakley, TheMagic5, Kask, Funkita, Witsup, Neuff-Red … with more I hope to be announced.

I’ve had so many incredible experiences through sport that I want to help and support someone else, so that they can create their own adventures.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. To set up a scheme to support athletes in the sport. I just wasn’t sure how to start and set it up. So, when Parcours informed me they were giving me an extra set of wheels to give away, however I wanted, it was the perfect step to get me started on this exciting project. Then thanks to my other partners who also came on board to support this initiative, and I hope some more will soon follow as well as giving the athlete access to nutritional advice*, physio*, and more (*TBC). 

So what’s the deal…

Well I’m looking for a young female triathlete, you’ll receive some incredible kit and product from the brands mentioned, and receive mentoring (and coaching if wanted) from me. This is a fantastic opportunity with guidance, support and kit, for a female triathlete. You could be new to the sport or involved for a few years. But you have to have a passion for swim, bike and run. You work hard, are driven and energised about what to do and your love for triathlon and sport, but you also have fun along the way.

So, if this sounds like you; your daughter; your sister; a friend; a junior club member or someone you know then please apply!

To apply you have to complete a short application form and submit a short video telling me a little about yourself and why you want this opportunity. 

I can’t wait to meet you and start helping you on your triathlon journey. Sport has given me so many opportunities, experiences and lessons over my life, that I want to help you experience the positive power of sport!

So, what are you waiting for… tell your friends, family, club mates, kids everyone. I can’t wait to get Sid’s Squad up and running and for you to be part of it!

Don’t Die Wondering.