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UCI Testing


Firstly, this starts with European Standards (EN14781:2005 since you ask), which were passed without a problem.  When it comes to wheels, this tests for lateral & radial true (how “round” your wheel is).  The wheel must also withstand a sideways force of 250N being applied to it for at least a minute, without buckling or permanently bending by more than 1mm.

Next, we went through testing to gain UCI approval.  Here, a wheel (without a tyre fitted) must withstand an impact with energy of 40J without sustaining any damage or being knocked out of true. 

A 40J impact is roughly equivalent to a 10kg weight being dropped from a height of about ½ a metre.  It’s designed to simulate the sort of impact you might encounter in a crash or hitting a kerb.  Again, another pass for Parcours, meaning all Parcours wheelsets are now UCI-approved.