Believe the Hype(tex) 💥

We are excited to announce our partnership with materials experts Hypetex, bringing together Parcours extensive research and development focus and Hypetex’s innovative and world leading engineering approach. We will be offering a limited edition of 10 gold wheelsets, available to order for customers from Tuesday 25th April, in an incredible paint free gold finish, using patented technology where colour embeds in composite.

Hypetex is sustainable colouring technology for advanced materials, such as carbon fibre. Born out of Formula 1 racing, its patented paint-replacing process is a key step in advancing the lightweight revolution.

Combining water-based eco-resins with a sustainable curing process, Hypetex materials are made with bold colourful aesthetics as well as technical and cost-saving benefits – a perfect fit for any quality brand in need of lightweight and high-performance products.

We will be offering a limited edition 10 gold wheelsets available with Hypetex coloured carbon. Customers can choose from the following wheelsets, the Alta (£1,799), Ronde (£1,999), Strade (£1,999) and Chrono (£1,999). Plus, the Chrono and Chrono Max will also be available with the Disc² option (£2,499). Prices for these wheelsets will include limited edition gold rims plus custom hubs in gunmetal grey with custom lasered detailing and ceramic bearings. Parcours X Hypetex limited edition wheels will be available to customers to order from Tuesday 25th April (with delivery in mid-late June), but with only 10 gold wheelsets available, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Find out more about Hypetex here:

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