Whether you're a pro athlete or on a weekend cafe ride, finding your personal mix of speed, performance, suffering, joy and passion is what cycling is all about.

Our role is to help you find your ‘thrill’ on your cycling journey, wherever the parcours takes you. If you’re faster, that means more endorphins, and that helps lead to a happier and healthier you.

Accessible aero

We’re a challenger brand doing things better and fairer than the rest of the market. We make an aero wheelset that has proven engineering credentials and doesn’t cost the earth.

We were the first to make aerodynamics accessible and take on overpriced options from established players, or under-engineered ones built to a price.

Superior wheels

Our wheels are pound-for-pound the best money can buy. Quality is something we take immense pride in and work tirelessly to provide wheelsets that customer can not only count on, but ride with pride.

R&D obsessives

Designed in the UK, tested around the world in wind tunnels and on all the parcours you’d care to imagine.

As a specialist aero wheel builder we have a healthy obsession with the data that goes into our wheels and happily share it with the world in order to help drive innovation and engineering breakthroughs.

Being decent humans

Do good work and be good people. It’s easy to say but hard to do. But our commitment to be decent humans and strive to deliver the best customer service, athlete relationships, trade and media partnerships sets us apart as a company with integrity and approachability.

speed = smiles

We want to test ourselves against the best and feel the thrill of riding fast. We partner with elite athletes who allow us to live through their podium chasing, as well as celebrate the stories of everyday riders looking to simply ride their bike fast.