Introducing the Alta

Today we're launching a new addition to our range - the Alta.

Disc brake specific, the Alta is designed to be lightweight enough for climbing on smooth tarmac, but robust enough for when you take that gravel road detour, making it a versatile wheel option; designed to take you further, and indeed faster, off the beaten track.

It's perfectly suited to the increasingly popular gravel scene - we've used a 28-spoke build front & rear to make sure it's sufficiently robust for whatever you throw at it.  As with all our wheels, the Alta is tubeless-ready and the 21.5mm internal rim diameter is perfectly suited to a wider do-it-all tyre.

And for those who are looking for even more adventure, the Alta will also be available with a dynamo hub option, to power even the longest rides.  Built around the market-leading SON delux 12, the Alta Dynamo will keep you charged up without holding you back.


  • Weight: 1,460g (wheelset)
  • Rim depth: 35mm
  • Rim width: 29mm (max outer) / 21.5mm (inner)
  • Spokes: 28 front / 28 rear (2-cross lacing) Sapim CX-Ray
  • Hubs: Centerlock rotor fitting / 12mm thru axle front/rear as standard (can be converted)
  • RRP: £849 (dynamo hub option + £200)

Ultra-cyclist and Parcours test rider Chris Herbert has been busy putting the Alta prototypes through their paces, including during the recent Transcontinental Race, riding non-stop across Europe.  He also rode the Alta during his journey along the Alta Via in Italy.

When we asked about his experience riding the wheels, Chris said

‘I can’t afford to own a wheelset for everything. I need a wheelset that’s fast on the road, but rugged enough to take anywhere when I fancy heading off the beaten track.

Despite being all purpose, the Parcours Alta wheelset performs comparably to my old race wheels on the road, they actually feel faster, particularly when climbing, and can take far more abuse than I’ll ever manage to dish out.

I know they won’t hold me back on the road, but more importantly I also know they won’t let me down, no matter what gravel road or single track diversions I find myself on and no matter how hard I ride them.'

Pre-orders are now open for the first shipment, due in early September.  All pre-orders will include a free tubeless running kit.

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