Ollie Turner: Representing Jersey at the Commonwealth Games

On Friday Ollie Turner will be hitting the world stage at the Commonwealth Games representing Jersey in the triathlon. No stranger to this level of racing he competed in the Gold Coast and will be looking to improve on his positioning there. Get to know Ollie in our blog below and be ready to cheer him on next Friday, the 29th July…

What are your goals for the Commonwealth Games?
I would like to be competitive and at the front end of the race. A stretch goal would be a top 10 but I'd be happy with a top 15. 

Is this your first Commonwealth Games?
This is my second Commonwealth Games, I first competed in 2018 in the Gold Coast as a 19 year old, placing 26th. 

What are you most looking forward to at the Games?
I’m most looking forward to racing the world's best athletes and watching history unfold live before my eyes. 

How has your preparation for the Games gone?
It has been a long 4 year prep and I'd say it has gone really well. I am racing a level above what I ever have this season so I am more than ready to put together something special. I had a bump in the road last week after catching covid but after a week of easy training I am back into the swing of things and feeling more like myself again. 

Have you been able to do a recce of the course? If so, how did you find it?
I recced the course 4 weeks ago. First impressions are it's a super hilly, honest course which will no doubt leave no weakness unturned. We are now preparing down in Cardiff on similar terrain to ensure we're ready for the challenges coming our way. 

Do you think the fact that the triathlon is a sprint distance will change the dynamic? Do you think your experience of Super League would help you here?
I like sprint distance. I think it's a little more spectator friendly for those who aren't fully invested in triathlon. I also think it suits my strengths that I gained throughout my Super League Triathlon career. I hope to transfer these skills to a result on the 29th July in Birmingham.

Do you always ride on the road or do you like to mix it up with some other disciplines?
I absolutely love mountain biking and this was my initial pathway into triathlon as a young boy. I don't have room for many bikes up here in Cardiff so in more recent times I have been mainly on the road. 

What are your favourite local training rides in Jersey?
You can't go wrong with a classic loop of the island, hugging the coastal roads! You'll get a mix of nearly every terrain and a great view of the channel islands and France too, it's beautiful!


How many hours on average do you train a week and what proportion of these are on the bike?
We're doing anything between 22-30hours of training per week. It varies on the training phase we're in but the bike proportion is large... ranging between 8-14hrs. 

Which Parcours wheels are your favourite to ride?
Business up front, party out back!! It's gotta be the Strade disc brake set... 49mm/54mm.

What ride is top of your bucket list?
I am lucky enough to have roads all over the world and ticked off some huge bucket lists rides. Particularly in France. The famous TDF cols... such as lauteret, galibier, vars, grannon & Alpe D'huez! One place I am dying to get myself to is Girona. They call it the cycling capital of the world. Nice sunny roads and good coffee. Name a better duo, I'll wait. 

Good luck Ollie, we can’t wait to cheer you on in Birmingham on Friday!

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