Parcours all-new ceramic bearings

Wheel bearings are among the fastest rotating parts on a bicycle, so any additional drag has a material impact on drivetrain efficiency.  

Developed in partnership with a leading bearing manufacturer and following an extensive testing programme, Parcours ceramic bearings offer a new level of performance and durability for your wheels.

Parcours ceramic bearings are fitted with silicon nitride (Si3N4) balls which are substantially harder than their steel equivalents.  This makes for a longer service life with lower wear rates, whilst also removing the risk of corrosion.  All ceramic rolling elements are precision-machined with ultra-tight tolerances.

Each upgrade kit consists of:

2 front hub bearings
2 rear hub shell bearings
2 freehub bearings

But what are ceramic bearings and do I need them?

Ceramic wheel bearings are ball bearings with ceramic balls and steel races. The advantage of ceramic over steel balls is that they roll smoother, don’t corrode, and are harder than their common counterparts.

The benefits of these attributes are increased efficiency and performance on your bike. Your bike rolls smoother for longer so you can ride your best ride, whether that be a season of riding, your biggest race(s) or the enjoyment of knowing your bike will be rolling smoothly for years to come.

Ceramic wheel bearings offer more value over the steel bearings in your wheelset because they give you greater efficiency, reliability and performance than standard bearings.

The bearings in your wheels and freehub are responsible for transferring the most amount of energy from your drivetrain to your wheels. They are the single most important part of that relationship. Without the performance of a ceramic bearing, you’re limiting the potential gains from other critical parts of your bike, like your wheelset.

Ceramic wheel bearings are that secret component you can’t see. If you value maximizing the performance of your bike, ceramic wheel bearings are a great investment. 

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