Parcours announces technical partnership with Nottingham Trent University

Parcours is proud to announce a technical partnership with Nottingham Trent University’s Sport Engineering team.  We’re excited to join forces with some of the most pioneering minds in the sports industry as we continue to grow and develop our product range. 

The partnership will not only give us access to NTU’s cutting edge research in sport engineering, but will also allow us to work with the team to help overcome some of the hurdles that our riders are facing every time they hit the road.

Parcours will also be supporting NTU with equipment and technical expertise for their ongoing cycle science research and testing. Dr Steve Faulkner from NTU’s Department of Engineering says, “This is a really exciting opportunity that will benefit both students and our research into Sports Engineering. Working with Parcours will allow us to apply the work we do in the lab and directly apply and test it in the real world, in elite athletes during their training and racing.

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