Parcours hits the trails

We recently had a set of Grimpeur wheels out for review with and the verdict was a very positive 4* (see review here).  One comment really stood out and got us thinking:

"So off I set, intent on abusing them to their breaking point. I commuted on these, hit countless potholes and used them for a cyclo-cross training session where I was practising hopping barriers. The rims didn't budge. They are still perfectly true."

If they can stand up to that sort of riding, what else could we think of?

Well, unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, you'll have seen that gravel riding, or "road-plus", is really taking off.  The idea being that your bike shouldn't limit you on where you can ride - taking your road bike off-road is where it's at.

So we popped a set of gravel tyres (Panaracer Gravel Kings) onto a Grimpeur demo wheelset and off we went.

A week later and we can't get enough of the trails.  It turns out we build an off-road trail wheel without even knowing it!

Next up: we'll be testing a tubeless setup on a Passista wheelset