Parcours launches the Traineur - updated

UPDATED: Unfortunately, despite the high levels of interest we've received in the Traineur, this was published on April 1st...

All-new turbo-specific rim profile designed to maximise those Zwift watt savings.

Innovative British brand Parcours spent 12 months (since April 1st 2019) developing the turbo-specific Traineur wheelset. 

Parcours conducted an analysis of virtual-world wind conditions and the impact of yaw angle on wheel design in partnership with leading virtual aerodynamicist Flora Poli. The result was the Traineur, a revolutionary wheelset designed around the unique demands of virtual riding.

Dov Tate, founder of Parcours, says: “We have already seen various cycling brands launching their own indoor training-specific products, so we simply thought, why don’t we?  For too long, the turbo has been where old wheels go to die, so it’s time we applied our aero know-how to really help virtual riders maximise their aerodynamics whilst still stationary.

Parcours Traineur specification

Weight: 500g (Zwift settings)

Rim depth front: variable

Rim depth rear: variable

Hubs: Parcours

RRP £999

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