#TakeParcoursToKona 2018

In 2017, we launched the #TakeParcoursToKona campaign, asking athletes if they have what it takes to reach the Big Island for the Ironman World Championships.  We’re pleased to say that it’s back for 2018.  So we are once again offering to pay the race entry fee for the first athlete to qualify for Kona 2018 riding on a set of Parcours wheels...

A few details:

  • If more than one athlete riding Parcours wheels qualifies during the same race, the quicker finishing time will be the tie-breaker
  • You will need to pay for your entry at the awards ceremony then we'll refund directly to you straight afterwards (up to the US$950 cost of entry)
  • All claims will need to be made within 7 days of completing the qualification race
  • Note that by claiming under the promotion, you will be committing to ride Parcours wheels during the Ironman Hawaii 2018 race

Our 2017 winner Pep van Overeem qualified at Ironman UK, riding a Parcours Passista/Disc setup.  We caught up with him to find out how went on race day and his overall Kona experience:

What an experience! There is very little that can prepare you for this race. Both mentally and physically. I had an amazing time in Hawaii and met some wonderful people. I am happy with my finish and do realise that so much could have gone wrong both in the lead up to the race as on the day itself. So although I did not get close to the time I was hoping for and dropped down a few places within my age group, I have no regrets and have found the whole Kona experience magical and enchanting. 

Coming to Kona was a dream from when I started triathlon 3 years ago. For some, qualifying is a year after year battle and I qualified in my first year of racing Ironman, which makes it extra special for me. It is truly a humbling experience being part of such an iconic event. Not only the race in itself though, while it is easy to see the heritage that Ironman Kona brings with it: ex-pro’s walking around and happy to have a chat with everyone who recognises them; current pro’s who offer you water when you are out training in the Energy Lab.   It is a feeling of unity and respect.  It is amplified by the welcoming nature of the locals. They are so happy to share their island with you and tell you its secrets, show you its beauty and where you can find its rawness. 

I really fell in love with the island and its people, its nature and its challenges. I enjoyed every minute of it. After the previous two full distance races I have done I needed a good few days to make up my mind if I wanted to ever do one again, but after Kona I knew I wanted to race there again straight away!

Big thanks to everyone who followed me from a distance and my girlfriend and family for coming all the way to Hawaii to support me in the flesh! And of course to my sponsors who have helped me achieve my goals, especially Parcours for funding my entry fee with the #TakeParcoursToKona contest. Every little bit helps, and every big bit helps even more!

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