Tips to keep you motivated this winter

Riding through winter can be tough with unpredictable weather, dark mornings and cold temperatures. However, it’s also the time to top up those winter base miles and prepare for the racing season ahead, ready to hit those big goals for the year! Here are some tips from the team at Parcours to keep the wheels turning on your winter training…

  • Make small, achievable goals

    Having something you can tick off each week can make getting up and out on the bike a lot easier. When you know you’re working towards something, no matter how big or small, you know you’ve got an aim and that you’re not just going through the motions.

  • Be sociable

    Riding with friends or joining a club run can mean training time ticks by a lot quicker plus you’re with like minded people whilst you’re doing it. Most clubs/groups will have a variety of rides to suit different abilities and if you can’t face the elements, online training platforms will always have a wide range of rides to join.

  • Turbo training

    Struggling to fit in your training with time commitments such as family and work or don’t fancy another dark morning ride? Look no further than online training platforms such as Zwift. These will optimise your training and ensure you get a good workout no matter how much time you have spare during the week.

  • Invest in some winter kit and equipment

    Getting your training done is a lot easier when you have kit and equipment that is ready to battle British weather. Investing in warm winter jackets and overshoes will make a difference and mean you can put up with the cold for longer periods of time whilst on your weekend rides.

  • Get stuck into a new discipline

    Whether you’re a tester or an out and out roadie, winter is the perfect time to try something new and take on a different discipline. Having a go at gravel riding could not only enhance your training but your technical ability too. Parcours Alta wheels will help you embrace your wild side and allow you to explore a new side of cycling.

  • Remember to have fun and treat yourself

    Whether it’s an extra coffee and piece of cake at the cafe stop or those new wheels you’ve been wanting you need to reward yourself through winter. Be proud of getting yourself up in the dark and remember it will be worth it when you’re flying come summer!

In most cases, getting out of bed and onto the bike is the biggest hurdle to overcome in winter training. Once you're out you’ll feel 10x better and almost every time complete the session.

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