What is Parcours athlete Laura Siddall up to in 2022?

We recently checked in with Parcours triathlete Laura Siddall to find out her goals for the 2022 season, what her winter training has looked like and what she thinks of her Parcours wheelsets!

1. What are your goals for the 2022 season?

To keep improving and being better. 2021 was a big turning point for me, as I saw glimpses of what can still be. Working with Julie Dibens has been amazing and I'm seeing improvements and signs of what I can still do. That's exciting and that's what drives me - to keep getting faster. It's about being the best athlete I can be, on the course, but off the race course too.

2. What does your race calendar look like this year?

First up is Challenge Puerta Varas, on 20th March, so just next week! Then it's the big Ironman World Championships in St. George before heading back to Europe for some more racing.

3. Do you always ride on the road or do you like to mix it up with some other disciplines?

I used to be such an advocate for riding outside - always. I lived summer to summer and never really understood why you'd ride inside on the trainer. I also only ever had one bike, my race bike TT, so didn't have many other options. However, since breaking my collar bone, Covid lock downs, but also a change in mindset with a new coach, I love and relish mixing up my rides. I now have regular rides on the trainer, for specific sessions. I am also super lucky to have a road bike and gravel bike too. The gravel bike I just love for getting off road, and exploring. It’s also great for switching off and working on my technical skills.

4. How has your winter training been?

Things are always a little bumpy, right and I have to admit it's not been the winter I was hoping for. It's not been smooth sailing but we are getting there. I had a few issues over Christmas / New Year which put a stop and delay to my training and I was quite limited with what I could do. So I feel a little now that I'm behind the ball with things, and playing catch up. But I also know we can't rush things, and I need to trust the process again, trust my coach and support team and keep the belief going and just keep turning up and focusing on what I can.

5. What are your favourite local training rides?

How long have you got? I'm lucky to have lived (or live) in so many amazing places. Sydney, Australia, Christchurch, New Zealand, Girona, Spain and Boulder, Colorado. I could give you a whole list of my favourite rides in each of these locations!

6. How many hours on average do you train a week and what proportion of these are on the bike?

I think it's about 25hours a week on average, some weeks more, some less. Probably around 50% of that is on the bike, again depending on the focus and where we are in the season.

7. What race are you most looking forward to this year?

I'm really excited about the Ironman World Championships in St. George in May. I think it's really exciting to have the World Championships outside Kona. I respect the heritage of the sport and the history Kona has, but I think it's great to see the race in St. George. I think as Pros, we are just excited to race, and for most are looking forward to a different course and the dynamics that go with that. Also, I think the sport has really stepped up a level in the last year or so, and performances are just getting better and better. It's an exciting time! I also always look forward to Challenge Roth. The people and community in Germany are just incredible and the event is the best in the world. It's such a buzz!

8. Which Parcours wheels are your favourite to ride?

That's like choosing a favourite child right? ha ha!
I mean I love my race wheels, which are the Disc with Chrono front, but also love the Chrono front and rear combo. The Strade is the regular feature on my TT bike for training and my gravel bike has the Alta 650Bs ... so many awesome choices!

9. What ride is top of your bucket list?

I'd love to do a big adventure ride! Recently, friends cycled across Argentina, which looked amazing. But I've also seen a ride that goes from the sea to the top of Mauna Kea Volcano in Hawaii which looks pretty epic. There are so many incredible places to ride out bikes... the bucket list is long.

We’re looking forward to following Laura’s racing throughout 2022! You can follow her on Instagram here.

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