Aerodynamic performance

As part of the testing and benchmarking for FKT, we compared to two reference wheelsets:

  1. Parcours Ronde (35/39mm rim depth, 32mm max rim width)
    Chosen as our previous go-to gravel race wheelset
  2. Zipp 303 Firecrest (40mm rim depth, 30mm max rim width)
    Chosen as the current benchmark and most popular gravel race wheelset


Savings are shown at a range of test speeds. 48kph is shown as the standard wind tunnel test speed. Results are also shown at 35.5kph, the winning speed from Unbound 2024.

Drag savings were broadly consistent across the full range of yaw conditions tested (0 to 20 degrees)


Based on these expected savings, time saved over the Unbound 2024 course would be:

  • Parcours Ronde: Baseline
  • Zipp 303 Firecrest: -15s
  • Parcours FKT: -6min 25s
  • Notes:

    1. ALl wheelsets tested with a Panaracer GravelKing X1 40mm tyre
    2. Weighted average yaw angles applied based on Parcours/NTU testing (gravel specific from FKT development project)