Choosing the right tyre for your gravel setup is critical. Whilst FKT was developed specifically for optimal performance with a Panaracer GravelKing X1 40mm tyre, a subtantial performance benefit is available across a wide range of tyres.


With a 27.0mm internal rim width, FKT is ISO- & ETRTO-compliant with any hookless-ready tyre with a stated width 35mm or greater.


FKT optimised for running with a 40mm tyre. However, some race conditions may require a different tyre size.

The aerodynamic performance of a narrower (35mm) tyre is actually marginally slower than the design width of 40mm.

Whilst there is a performance impact of a wider (45mm) tyre, this is significantly smaller than expected based on testing previous generation wheelsets. However, with the associated improvement in traction and control, in some circumstances and for some races this may become the preferred setup.


We also benchmarked the aerodynamic performance of many of some other leading tyre optons.

The tyre models shown were chosen to represent a "Low" to "High" degree of tread pattern. The test results did introduce some questions, such as whether the performance benefit of FKT is unique to the GravelKing X1 tyre.

However, further testing showed that the performance penalty of running a third-party wheel (Zipp 303 Firecrest) fitted with the slowest tyre tested (Pirelli Cinturato RC X) showed a 27.8W difference to FKT fitted with a Panaracer GravelKing X1.

We are therefore confident to say that you will see a significant performance benefit from FKT regardless of tyre choice.