Athlete partner giveaway #1: Fenella meets Hannah

As part of our 2021 sponsorship and support package, we are offering some of our athletes the chance to give back to the sport they love, and help an athlete of their choosing on their journey.  First up was pro triathlete Fenella Langridge, who chose Hannah as her winner of a set of Paniagua wheels.

Once she was set up on her new wheels, Fenella had a quick chat with Hannah:

I got the chance to speak to the lucky winner of a new set of Parcours wheels, Hannah Oliver, a secondary school maths teacher from London. 

As it's half term in school, Hannah's teaching skills were not needed and I was able to pick her brains on a Monday morning to find out a little bit more the triathlete Hannah. No calculators needed for this conversation as it was more about sweat, bikes and wheels. 

A London girl at heart she has found herself settled, teaching and training just outside the city, with easy access to parks for morning or evening runs. Although at the moment she sadly states, running has taken a step back due to hip niggle. However, this leaves much more time to play and gain strength on the bike. With ambitious but not unrealistic aims of getting to the 70.3 World Champs in her age group and knowing the bike is where she can make the most significant improvement, there is no doubt the new set of wheels she will help. 

"OMGosh, I count believe it", Hannah said when I asked how she reacted to winning the prize. Also mentioning how they will give her heaps of encouragement, motivation and confidence. Not only that but the wheels themselves look pretty awesome and when you have good looking kit you feel good too. I can definitely second that!

From Hannah's first triathlon in 2016, where she claims she took 15mins in transition drying in-between her toes (notably she did have an infected foot) to completing her first and favourite race to date, Cotswold 113 the year after, I could tell she has so much enthusiasm, talent and passion for the sport. Hannah has also encouraged many of her work colleges to get up and get active by creating a running club at her school. She may not be the mastermind behind the plan but she is bring people together and keeping fit.   

I left the conversation really happy, encouraged by Hannah's positivity. We all hope that her "A" race at Ironman 70.3 Maastricht-Limburg goes ahead. But even if it doesn’t I know that the wheels will not go to waste, will be put though their paces and will help Hannah achieve her goals this year and beyond.
We will look to catch up with Hannah in the not so distant future and check how everything is going with her training and (hopefully) racing.

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