Chasing Life: following Team Livesey through extreme triathlon

Pro triathlete Caroline Livesey and her husband (and Train Xhale founder) Mark Livesey have been part of the Parcours team since the very early days.

Over the past couple of years they have been challenging themselves at some of the most extreme endurance events in the world.  First up was Patagonman in 2018 where Mark took 4th place overall.  Addicted to the challenge of racing in such remote and barren locations, both Caroline and Mark entered the Canadaman Xtreme Triathlon in summer 2019.  After an intense day of racing, Caroline crossed the line to take the win, with Mark not having the day out he wanted.

"Chasing Life" is a short film that picks up the story of what went wrong on race day for Mark and follows both Mark and Caroline in the build up to the Fodaxman Xtreme Triathlon in Brazil.

Warning - it's an emotional watch, but by the time it's over you may well find yourself looking up race entries for 2021...


If you enjoyed "Chasing Life", have a look at "Together Alone" on Endurance Sports TV.  This film follows Caroline and Mark at Canadaman and delves deeper into their newfound passion for extreme racing.

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