Dave Ellis and Luke Pollard take the World Championship win in Pontevedra

Parcours athletes Dave Ellis and Luke Pollard have had an incredible season taking the win the the Paris Paralympic Test Event and then becoming World Champions in Pontevedra two weeks ago. We sat down with them recently to get the full lowdown on their season.

Two weeks ago you won the World Championships in Pontevedra, how did the race play out from your perspective?

Winning another world championships was really special. The field has really got competitive which makes for some exciting close racing. In some respects it's coming down to the fine percentages that makes the results.

How has the 2023 season gone for you guys overall? 

It's actually been an odd year with numerous format changes due to water quality and weather. We've done duathlons, aquathlons as well as triathlons (surely all that's left is an aquabike!) However, it's still been a hugely successful year and after a tough winter slogging out training in the UK it all feels worth it.

What’s been the highlight of the 2023 season?
The highlight has definitely been getting chance to race the Paris 2024 Paralympic test event. The setting is second to none. We've raced all over the world for years and Paris has definitely topped it. It will be an event not to be missed next year!

The Paris test event earlier in the summer took you down the famous Champs Elysees - how did you alter your race setup to suit the cobbles?

Being able to race down the Champs was something both of us have been looking forward to all year. Being able to go "full gas" down the same cobbles the Tour de France finishes on every year was an amazing experience. Don't think we are taking Cav's records anytime soon though!

We contacted Dov about the set up for the Champs and what factors might be at play. We got some really solid advice, and it put out minds at ease. We ran a Chrono front and rear set up and it ran perfectly!

Does your focus now turn to Paris 2024 and the Paralympics?

Our goal this year was to rack up some good qualification points for the games. We've made a fantastic start to that and will continue into 2024 when the qualification window closes.

Have you enjoyed racing your Parcours wheels this year?

We have ran Parcours wheels on the tandem since 2019 and they've been flawless. With the weight and amount of power going through a tandem, it's not always easy to choose wheels. It's nice to trust a wheelset when racing at full tilt.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2023, do you get some downtime or is there still some racing left?

2023 has been a shorter year for us with worlds being in September this year. Luke has one more race, Challenge Vieux Boucau and Dave will be finishing his season at a World Cup in Alhandra! Looking forward to some time off and refocusing on hopefully an epic 2024!

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