Get racing on Parcours wheels

Due to a team sponsorship coming to an end earlier than planned, we now have a number of sets of race wheels available.  Rather than selling them off, we'd prefer to see these being raced on this season.

So this is what we thought we'd do - if you're a team, club or individual racer, female or male, junior or senior, who otherwise may not be able to secure a wheel sponsorship deal, just drop us an email to  That's it.  Obviously we probably won't be able to supply wheels to everyone, so a little bit of background would be helpful.

A few points to note:

  • The wheels in question are our Grimpeur (38mm) model (UCI approved for racing) and are tubulars
  • Wheelset weight < 1,200g
  • All wheels have had a season's racing, but have been fully serviced over the winter
  • Wheels will come with brand new brake pads and skewers, but no tyres
  • We have up to 7 sets currently available - these may be split or could all go to one home
  • This is still a sponsorship arrangement, not a giveaway, so we would look for some promotion from the recipients
  • Ideally the wheels will need to be collected from SW London

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