Introducing Caroline Livesey - pro triathlete and Parcours athlete

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Caroline Livesey, one of Britain’s top professional triathletes.  After a stunning Age Group racing career, which included a trip to the podium in Kona in 2014, Caroline turned pro in 2015.  Since then, she has become a regular feature at the front of major races around the world.

Caroline on the podium at IM UKCredit: FinisherPix

We join Caroline as she aims for the ultimate goal in long-distance triathlon - pro qualification for the 2017 Ironman World Championships in Kona.  To reach the pinnacle of the sport will require a string of good results over the coming months and we’re excited to follow Caroline’s journey.  And as a trained engineer, we know we’ll be on the same wavelength!

Caroline racing at Xiamen 70.3
Credit: FinisherPix

Caroline will be riding and racing on both Parcours Passista and Chrono wheels.  You can follow more of her journey at or on Twitter (@tri_c_livesey), Facebook and Instagram (@caroline.livesey).

60 second intro:

How did you get started in triathlon?

I had been meaning to try it for a while - but it was in 2003 while I was in training at Sandhurst that one of the physical training instructors took me under his wing and helped me get started. It's an expensive sport to "try" with all the kit you need - so being able to borrow kit for my first few races was great. I needn't have worried though - I was hooked from the first one! It wasn't until 2007/8 that I started to train and take it a bit more seriously. That was the time I met my husband and coach Mark and he taught me what real training was 

What’s is your most cherished triathlon memory?

That's a tricky one as I have so many great memories both racing and the travel and training that's associated. Ironman Austria is a truly special race though and I think my race there in 2014 is one that stands out. I would love to race there again soon. But every race has a story and each is special in its own way - even the bad ones! IMUK in 2015 was epic and crossing the line in 2nd there is also a moment that really stands out for me

What’s your ultimate career goal in the sport?

I guess currently that would be qualifying for Kona in 2017. But I have lots of goals and tonnes of bucket list races I have yet to tackle. Ultimately I just want to enjoy this process and the life that racing as a PRO offers. I try not to take it for granted! 

An Ironman bike leg is a long way (180km) - what goes through your mind when you’re out on the road?

Oh a lot of different things! Usually at the start of the ride I am dissecting my swim and then working out how I feel and where I am in relation to the other athletes. I try to be aware of my body and the effort I am putting in as I race on feel and those markers early in the bike are important. As the bike leg goes on it's easy for the mind to drift and so it's important to stay focused. I have various strategies to keep my focus like breaking the course into chunks and working on each as a separate leg. Ironman is very dependent on your mental approach so these strategies are hugely important. A blank mind means my nutrition is off track! 

Career highlights:


 Ironman 70.3 Xiamen 7th
 Ironman Frankfurt 12th
 Ironman Lanzarote
 Ironman 70.3 Bahrain 5th
 Ironman 70.3 Turkey 3rd
 Ironman UK
 Ironman Lanzarote

Age group

 Ironman World Championships 3rd (AG)
 Ironman Austria 1st (AG)
 Ironman Texas
1st (AG)

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