Lockdown diaries - get bike fit with pro triathlete Grace Thek

With a return to racing still not possible, now is the perfect time to focus on building your full-body strength.  It's often the first thing to be overlooked, especially when the weather is good, so we caught up with Parcours pro triathlete Grace Thek who combines her racing and training with her work as a qualified physiotherapist.

Grace says:

While the turbo has its benefits (particularly right now), it is important to look at the differences between indoor and outdoor riding. Aside from the many external factors (bike handling, conditions, aerodynamics etc.) that come into play when riding on the road, another important difference is the additional requirement for trunk (core + back) strength & balance when riding outdoors compared to that on a stable turbo. Consider supplementing your indoor riding with some exercises that not only target your legs but ones that can challenge you core, strengthen your back and improve balance!

A stable foundation will allow you to generate more power to your legs, reduce niggly lower back pain, & help you feel stronger out on the roads! Here are a couple of great exercises that can be done at home using household items:

You can use weights and therabands if you have them… otherwise get creative-- grocery bag full of tins, a bike inner tube, a Parcours wheel (although super light so won’t be that useful in this instance!)…the options are endless!

1. Swiss Ball Mountain Climbers

A great bang for your buck exercise! While the primary aim of this exercise is to strengthen your core + challenge your balance, it also works shoulder stability in the TT position + activates the hip flexors with the mountain climbers.

Primary aim: core + balance

Secondary aim: shoulder stability (in TT position) + activation of hip flexors with mountain climbers

2. Bulgarian Split Squat

A great exercise to work your single leg strength while testing out your core & balance!

Primary aim: single leg strength

Secondary aim: core + balance

3. Step Up

An oldie but a goodie! This exercise primarily targets single leg strength + balance, and with the combined overhead hold will also engage more of the core

Primary aim: single leg strength

Secondary aim: balance + core

4. Pallof Press

A great counter-rotational exercise to target the core! The squat position will also work the glutes and quads!

Primary aim: obliques

Secondary aim: glutes, quads, abdominals

5. Rows

This exercise primarily focuses on strengthening the middle traps and rhomboids!

Primary aim: middle traps + rhomboids

Secondary aim: some quads (in mid-squat position)

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