Meet Laetitia - our #SidsSquad winner

Back in March, we were absolutely stoked to help Parcours pro Laura Siddall launch Sid's Squad 2021.  It's safe to say that Sid was blown away by the amazing entries that came through so choosing a winner was incredibly difficult.  One entry really stood out though & the winner is... Laetitia!

We caught up with Laetitia so she could tell us all a bit about herself, her journey in triathlon so far and also a few of her goals.

How did you first get started in triathlon?

When I was younger my parents competed in super sprints and sprints. There were often kids races so my brother and I did the ’scoot bike runs’ which I don’t really remember. I think I mainly got into triathlon when I was enjoying doing marathons but wanted more of a challenge…. I had seen a few people with the Ironman tattoo and I thought I want one of those, so I booked my first triathlon…an ironman! And so my love for triathlon was born!!

What is/are your long-term goals in the sport?

I want to start getting on the podium for events I do, especially in the longer Distance ones. My long term goal is to qualify for Kona, multiple times!

What’s the highlight for you so far in triathlon?

My highlight so far has to be being selected for Sid's Squad. It’s not often that an opportunity come around like this, and I can not believe I’m the one lucky person who gets to go on this adventure with Sid.

What would you say is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in triathlon?

Probably getting confident on a bike. I am reasonably new to cycling (in the last 3 years) and I was definitely starting to get there with my bike confidence then I had my first fall going around a corner and I’m slowly getting myself back to wizzing around corners again.

What made you apply for Sid’s Squad?

Quite simply, I saw the instagram post that Sid put up, watched the video, sent it to my mum and said, "Wooh, that it the most incredible opportunity and heck….look at all the kit!" I went straight to my room and started recording my application. The first take was 20 minutes, then realised Sid probably had much better things to do than listen to me for that long so I kept trying to cut it down!

How did you react when you heard you’d been chosen?

I literally ran into the kitchen (quite early) crying and shouting ‘I won I won’ while jumping up and down like a 5 year old!! I couldn’t contain my utter shock and excitement.

What are you most looking forward to about working with Sid this year?

Oh, thats a tough one! Already I am loving the programme Sid has sent me and really enjoying getting stuck into it. It’s a totally new world for me being programmed my training and I love that every session counts. I can’t wait to race this year because I know that I’m 20 steps ahead of where I was the last start line I went to. I think I’m most excited for (hopefully) being able to get out to Spain and train with Sid, and enjoy some/lots of coffee stops!

As part of Sid's Squad, we'll be sending out a new set of Parcours wheels for Laetitia to race on this season.  She has chosen to ride our Passista/Chrono setup as her focus will be on longer distance triathlons.  As a lighter rider, the Passista front wheel provides super stable handling while the Chrono rear wheel adds an extra aero benefit.

You can follow Laetitia in her training and racing on Instagram (@laetitia_trilife) and we'll be catching up again later in the summer to see how her season is going.