Parcours x TERRA

Interested in finding out more about titanium bikes? We recently sat down with one of our partner brands, TERRA to learn a bit more about the Surrey based titanium bike brand, why they decided to use Parcours as a wheel partner and what founder Adam Wolley's bucket list ride would be. 

Tell us a bit more about TERRA and how the business came about? 

The business came about when my beloved titanium bike was stolen, it was made to measure and the cost of getting a replacement from North America was six or more thousand pounds for the frame alone so a reasonable build would take the cost into five figures! I knew there had to be another way so I took my geometry and bike design knowledge and applied it to producing road, gravel and mountain bikes that were made to measure but also built around the type of riding and components that that rider wanted to use. Crucially these bikes had to cost the same as a stock frame you could buy off the shelf and to this date our frames are still under the £2000 mark.

What is the process of creating one of your bespoke bikes?

We start with the rider, through a sizing fit we ascertain the ideal location for the saddle and handlebars and then we build the frame into the middle. We tailor every aspect of the bike from steering angle to tyre clearance, gear routing to frame finish and we also help choose the ideal components, gearing and setup so that the customer gets a bike that is made for their unique requirements.

Could you talk us through the range of bikes you have on offer and the bespoke adjustments people can make? 

We currently offer the FIRMA which is our most popular model. It is a 4 season road bike with clearance for 38mm tyres so can be used for light gravel or large volume road tyres with a mudguard. Next is the INCOGNITA which is our gravel bike built around massive 50mm tyres and a 1x drivetrain. Finally we have the MONS which is a hardtail mountain bike.

Fully internal routing and electronic drivetrains are increasingly popular but in terms of bespoke personalisation I love a challenge so generally if you have an idea for a special bike theres not a lot we cant do!

What made you decide to offer Parcours wheels on your builds?

Put simply Parcours and Terra bikes area match made in heaven, Parcours’ approach of making wheels that perform as well or better than the most expensive brands on the market at a competitive price sits just right with what we do. I have personally put Parcours wheels through all sorts of torture from treating my gravel bike like a mountain bike to riding my Strade wheels over 20,000km with no more maintenance needed than a bearing change. As a bigger/taller/heavier rider I have had all sorts of trouble with other brands in the past in terms of broken rims/spokes and wheels going out of true but to this date neither I or any of my customers have had any trouble which is an astonishing testament to the build quality of Parcours’ products.

Where would your dream ride with your TERRA bike be? 
Having been lucky to travel extensively with my bike for both work and pleasure I have a handful of places at the top of my list of favourites. I particularly love the Alpes Maritimes around Nice in the South of France but after doing my first ultra race this summer (Pan Celtic Race) the ride I am dreaming of at the moment would be to take part in the Transcontinental Race next year from Roubaix to Istanbul over 3000+km.

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