Save watts, plant trees - partnering with Ecologi

It might seem ironic that as a business that is 100% reliant on carbon we find ourselves talking about carbon footprints.  However unless you’ve spent the last few months hiding under a rock, it’s impossible to have ignored the increasing awareness of the urgency needed to tackle climate change and the growing demands that we all play our part in doing what is needed.

We have never tried to hide the fact that we rely on manufacturing in the Far East, which brings with it an inevitable need to ship product to the warehouse in the UK and then on to our customers worldwide.  In addition, carbon fibre manufacture is not (yet) a clean process and can be energy-intensive.  So whilst we are promoting and supporting arguably the most efficient method of green transportation, we can’t shy away from the environmental impact that the business brings with it. 

To address this, we’re really excited to be partnering with Ecologi, to help us as a business become closer to “Climate Positive”.  Ecologi will provide a link to a range of certified carbon reduction projects around the world which have already contributed to the planting of over 20 million trees and retiring over 650,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Going forward, we are making a commitment to plant a tree for every watt saved by our riders.  This means that not only will you be riding and racing just that little bit faster, but you will also be contributing to the fight against climate change.  To put this into context, if you buy a Strade wheelset, that’s 17 trees that will be planted.  Even if we don’t have aero data for a wheelset (e.g. our gravel wheels), we’ll still plant 10 trees for every set purchased.  By doing this, we hope (and expect) to be planting tens of thousands of trees and helping to fund a wide range of carbon reduction projects.

To kick things off, we have planted an initial 1,000 trees in the “Parcours forest”.  On top of this, for the entire month of December, we will double the number of trees planted for each wheel we sell.  We’d love to be able to double the watts you’ll save, but that might take a little longer and bit more research and development…

You can follow our progress and the overall impact that Parcours is having here:

We plant trees with Ecologi

You can find out more about Ecologi and the work that they do here: