What is Parcours athlete Fenella Langridge up to in 2022?

We recently checked in with Parcours triathlete Fenella Langridge to find out what she’s up to during the 2022 season, how her winter training went and what she thinks of her Parcours wheelsets!

1. What does your race calendar look like this year?

It looks a bit like a championship year! The racing season will kick off in Mallorca at the iconic Portocolom 111. This will be a great hit out before we head to one of the biggest races of 2022, the IM World Championship in St George. From there onwards the calendar is a little bit unknown but I hope to race both PTO Tour races in Canada and Texas, then finish the year in Kona.

2. Do you always ride on the road or do you like to mix it up with some other disciplines?

I mainly stick to the road or the indoor trainer during the bulk of the season. In the off season you could find me on a few trails enjoying my Alta wheelset.

3. How has your winter training been?

In previous years I have spent a large amount of the winter months in Mallorca or Lanzarote. But this year, with the hectic travel schedule in the second half of the year we decided to stay based in the UK. To be honest, it couldn't have gone much better! It hasn't been very glamorous or warm but I’ve been consistent and got all the work done which is the main thing going into the race season.

4. How many hours on average do you train a week and what proportion of these are on the bike?

In the lead up to my first few races I will be training anywhere between 28 - 32hours. That will be split between 5 swims, 5 bikes, 5runs and 2 gym sessions throughout the week.

5. What race are you most looking forward to this year?

All the races! I just love to race (especially after the last couple of years) as you get to see everyone in the triathlon community. 

6. Which Parcours wheels are your favourite to ride?

All the Parcours wheelsets to be honest because they enable me to get out and ride my bike. They allow me to explore new countries and places plus go really fast which I love!!

7. What ride is top of your bucket list?

This is a hard one, there are so many places I want to ride and explore on my bike. But thinking about it, one of my favourite roads is the MA10 in Mallorca that hugs the coast in the mountains, it really has it all!


We’re looking forward to following Fenella’s racing throughout 2021! You can follow her on Instagram here.

Stay tuned to see Fenella's 2022 set up! 

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