What is Parcours athlete Kyle Smith up to in 2022?

What are your goals for 2022?

I really want to prove to myself that I can be the best at this game. I am aiming to race the biggest races and the best athletes to see where I am. Ironman worlds in St George is a big one for me. I really am aiming for a podium here. And hope to carry on this form throughout what will be a massive 2022 season.

What does your 2022 race calendar look like?

This year I will be racing:
70.3 Lanzarote 

Ironman World Championships St George

The Challenge championship- Samorin 

PTO World Series. Canada 

Collins Cup (hopefully) 

PTO World Tour. USA 

Ironman World Championships KONA 

70.3 World Championships - St George 

And maybe a few other races sprinkled in there for good measure. 

Do you always ride on the road or do you like to mix it up with some other disciplines?

I really love to mix training up. I love riding my mountain bike and gravel bike as well as road and TT. We spent most of December on the gravel bikes and absolutely loved it. My passion for bikes started with motocross and BMX so I love all things 2 wheels and even more on dirt. I'm really enjoying the progression in road wheel technology that means you can ride on more of a mixed terrain than ever before.

How has your winter training gone?

Winter training has been super good! Training on a European calendar has been amazing and we really broke ground with running and as an added bonus my swim and bike improved as well. Perks of training with the world's best athlete I guess.

What is your favourite ride?

My favourite ride is one in NZ. It's a 200k loop that takes in some amazing quiet roads around where I live with a stop directly half way at a little cafe to refuel. Lakes, hills and forests. It has it all.

How many hours do you train each week?

On average we hit anywhere between 25-30 hours a week. The consistency of this has probably been what has led to so many improvements over the winter. Around 14-16 hours of this is on the bike. And mostly on the road in race season. 

What races are you most looking forward to this year?

I'm really looking forward to the Collins cup again if I qualify. It was an amazing race with a super fun dynamic. The whole week was an amazing experience. 

I'm also looking forward to Kona again if I qualify as everyone has told me how awesome it is.

Which Parcours wheelset is your favourite? 

My favourite parcours wheels are the Disc and chrono Combo. It's the Time when you can hook it up and fly along. It's a lot of fun to ride with a disc.

What ride is top of your bucket list?

I really want to ride alpe D'huez in a race. Probably in a triathlon but I also have a dream of being in a pro team one day too. That would be super cool.

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