Passista / Chrono (56/86mm)
Passista / Chrono (56/86mm)
Passista / Chrono (56/86mm)

Passista / Chrono (56/86mm)

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  • Wheelset
  • Parcours carbon-specific brake pads
  • Parcours quick release skewer set
  • User guide
  • Freehub: Shimano HG (11/12-speed)

If you require a Campagnolo or SRAM XDR freehub please include a comment when placing your order.

Some older brake calipers may have clearance issues with wider rims.  If you have any concerns regarding clearance, please contact us.

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The best of both worlds, the Passista/Chrono is the combination of two of our best wheels. Perfect for a 25mm tyre, with Passista on the front for stability and Chrono on the rear for speed, this combination is perfect for triathletes and first-time TT riders.

  • Depth: 56.0mm (front) / 86.0mm (rear)
  • Width (max): 27.5mm (front) / 29.0mm (rear)
  • Internal rim width: 19.0mm hooked
  • Parcours Road Rim
  • 4 pawl freehub mechanism on 26T ratchet ring
  • 2 x 699 (front) / 1 x 6802 + 1 x 15267 (rear) / 2 x 15267 (freehub)
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • 20 front / 24 rear
  • Radial (front) / 2-cross (rear DS/NDS)
  • Front: 630g
  • Rear: 920g
  • Wheelset: 1,550g
  • Min: 23mm
  • Optimal: 25mm
  • Max: 33mm

The Passista/Chrono combination offers the perfect blend of speed and stability. This is especially suited to riders who race long-course triathlons and time trials. Lighter riders worried about handling and newcomers to the race against the clock, will also find this combination particularly helpful.

In this combination, you have the Passista on the front: the 56mm rim provides predictable handling even in the strongest of crosswinds.

On the back you have the 86mm rear rim Chrono: this is your wheelset’s engine room and maximises your aerodynamic savings.

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