Disc brakes are here!

Just over a year after launch, Parcours are now launching our first disc brake wheelset range.  Following the same philosophy as our existing rim brake range, disc brake wheels will be available in the same rim depths.  Without the requirement for a braking surface, our disc brake rim profile has been designed for the optimal rim/tyre interface.

Parcours disc rim

We will also be introducing an updated rim moulding process which allows for weight savings of ~100g/wheelset.  At the same time, all 2018 Parcours wheels (with the exception of the Disc rear wheel) will have an internal rim width of 19mm and will be tubeless-ready.

Following on from our previous aero testing at the A2 Wind Tunnel in North Carolina, we will be putting all the new additions to the range through their paces in early 2018.  As part of the study, we will also be looking at the optimal tyre choice to take advantage of the new, wider internal rim measurements.  We’re often asked which is the fastest tyre choice – we want a definitive answer!

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